Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013

Even Semester Test

     Which one world you choose: a best friend or a girlfriend? This question is the subject of the story in "Alexandria", a movie directed by Odi C.Harahap. Featuring Fachri Albar, Julie Estelle, and Marcel Chandrawinata.
     The movie presents you simple plot, simple story but good looking face. Moreover, there are a lot of picturesque scenes on it, artistic graffiti making. It's quite breathtaking.
     Bagas (Marcel Candrawinata), Rafi (Fachri Albar), dan Alexandria (Julie Estelle) have been best buddies since they were kids. As time passes by, Bagas begins to fall for Alex. Sadly, he doesn't have guts to tell her. The only person who knows about it, is Rafi. And so life goes on. Bagas goes to Australia to study graphic design for years. When he comes back, he finds out a schoking fact. Rafi and Alex are planning to get married!
     Odi C.Harahap makes a risky move. He choose some green faces-inexperienced-like, Marcel Candrawinata, Fachri Albar, and Julie Estelle. Surprisingly, they play their role well.
     In general,"Alexandria" is entertaining. Even though, there is nothing new from it. The subject, which is about a rivalry between friends, is cliche. However, the director, the leading cast, and the artistic team have already worked hard to make it real. This is one thing that we ought to give a credit for.