Jumat, 18 Februari 2011


Has completed the second semester of this material I make.
First, I thank God who helped me in performing my duties. Since I have been given a health and also patience in doing this task.


offering is a material that will be my presentation
here I'll explain what it is offering and how it works

Finite Verb

Finite Verb

Preposition In, On, and At

Want to know? just click below

Passive Voice

I will explain about the passive voice here

Simple Future

What is Simple Future?
here will be explained 

Narrative Text

 curious to find out how the narrative text?
here place

Asking For Information

What you know about Asking For Information ?
Let us find out

Asking Information: There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are some of the most common:
· Could you tell me…?
· Do you know…?
· Do you happen to know…?
· I’d like to know…
· Could you find out…?
· I’m interested in…
· I’m looking for..

These two forms are used for asking for information on the telephone:
· I’m calling to find out…
· I’m calling about…

Here are some sample phrases and sentences for asking information in English
1. What is this? This is a tableThis is a table
2. What is that? That is a chair.
3. What’s this? It’s a pen.
4. What’s that? It’s an apple.
5. What are these? These are pencils.
6. What are those? Those are books.
7. Where is Mr. King? He is over there.
8. Where is Ms. Knight? She’s (right) here.
9. Where’s Johnny? He’s in the house.
10. When’s the movie? It’s at 9:00.
11. When’s lunch? Lunch is at noon.
12. How is the food? It’s delicious.

Information about company
What does your company do?
What is your specialty?
What do you specialize in?
What is your main line of business?

Information about products
Could you give me some (more) information on this?
What can you tell me about this (product)?
Tell me about this one/model.

Information about Price
What are you asking for this?
What does this sell for?
How much is it?
How much does it run?

Modals In The Past

Modals in the past

Noun Phrases

What is Noun Phrases ?

News Item

Bodies cry from the grave (a scene in Jatinegara news).
You guys know how to make a news item?

Invitation (written)

What it is Inviting ??

Vocabulary Around The House

Function of rooms

Congratulation, Compliment, and Gratitude

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct & Indirect speech ??

Expression Of Surpriese and Disbelieve

car gift my father gave me on my birthday yesterday...
 you believe? 
Wooww ... It's surprise for me ... 
buttt ... I'm just kidding 
aHaHaHa :D

Asking If Someone Remembers Or Not

Asking If Someone Remembers or Not

Introductory It

What's different Personal Pronoun with Introductory It ?

Descriptive Text

What is meant by descriptive text ?


 Simple Present Perfect Tense